San Francisco (September 2015)

In September, I went on one of the best vacations of my life, SaIMG_7427n Francisco! This was my first visit to California and the West Coast.I stayed a few blocks from Union Square and I managed to cover a lot of ground – on foot!

I Walked across the Golden Gate Bridge, visited Alcatraz and took in a Giants Baseball game. I also took the train down to Cupertino to the Grand Re-Opening of the Apple Company Store (geek alert!).

Probably the best experience was meeting William Baker, probably better known as Inmate 1259 at Alcatraz. Along with the Cell House tour, hearing him speak about his time on ‘The Rock’ was extraordinary.

I took lots of photo’s (as I normally do when I travel) and thankfully the weather was amazing (only a couple of half days of overcast).

I really enjoyed the baseball game surprisingly. The game still makes no sense to me now but I understand why it’s America favourite past time. For me, it seems to be more about relaxing and enjoying the atmosphere (and food) with friends and family. Defilanlty will be going to another game if I get chance.

A few recommendations:

  • Rouge Ales Public House (opposite Washington Square) – Good beer and bar food.
  • The Pub BBQ (Beach Steet near Ghirardelli Square) – Amazing BBQ
  • Book in advance for Alcatraz and the Cell House tour is a must!

I wish I had more time in San Francisco as I wanted to visit Muir Wood – maybe next time. I cannot recommend San Francisco enough for a visit. Great food, great people and amazing views!San


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