Macbeth (2015)

Another film that I also got chance to see recently was Justin Kurzel’s MacbethMacbeth_2015_poster starring Michael Fassbender and Marion Cotillard. I am quite a big fan of adaptations of William Shakespeare play’s (Coriolanus 2011 buy Ralph Fiennes is unmissable) and I have been very excited about this version.

The adaptation uses enough of the plot from William Shakespeare’s Macbeth but takes a few liberties for creative licence for the screen. The visuals are brilliant in the film, I loved the fight scenes and especially the ‘magical’ slow motions moments that focus in tranced Macbeth – very moody. The landscapes of Scotland (and England) used for the backdrop’s are brutal and harsh, the perfect metaphor for the thirst for power that Macbeth and his wife has upon learning of his ‘destiny’.

I am a massive fan of the production design used in the film, some of the scenes looked more like simple set-ups for the stage with just a handful of props. This allows the audience to focus no the performances and the dialogues- but the scenes are not ‘too empty’.

The performance of Macbeth by Fassbender is amazing. He really captures all sides of Macbeth’s character and ‘owns’ the scenes he is in. Marion Cotillard is also impressive but in this adaptation her demise is secondary and played off-screen (she turns up dead in bed). This is a little disappointing.

Some of the supporting cast’s performances are not brilliant to be honest (I had trouble understanding some of the accents attempted by some cast members). I don’t see this as an issue as they simply do not have enough time but in the end. But this is part due to the focus of the film being on Macbeth.

4/5 – Definitely worth a watch and a must for all fans of Shakespeare.


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