Spectre (2015)

159409048_f52678So last week, I managed to go and see and Spectre and I was really impressed.

The action sequences are really top class. I thought the Opening sequence in Mexico City set around the Day of the Dead was amazing.I also liked all the references to previous Bond films (I lost count at how many there were!). I also liked all the Roger Moore Bond one-liners littered through out the film.

The story itself that leads Bond on this adventure of self-discovery is well crafted and there is a sense a small sense of mystery – despite the audience ‘knowing’ where it is ultimately leading. However, the the “connection to Bond’s past” I feel was rushed and could have been explored more.

I think the whole cast were amazing but was disappointed at the rather ‘small’ role given to Monica Bellucci. I felt she deserved a much larger part, considering how talented she is. Daniel Craig may not be everyones favourite Bond be he has made this role his own and added new depths to the character. If this is his last outing (I personally think he will do 1 more) then the next actor to take on the role has big boots to fill.

Sam Mendes has been brilliant for Bond and has raised the bar for spy films in general. He has taken the Bond legacy and mixed it with a potent amount of realism and fast paced action of the ‘Bounce’ films.
I also think it’s worth mentioning that Sam Smith’s theme song really works with the tone and theme of the film.
4.5/5 – Great film but I think the back story between Bond and Oberhauser could have been explored more.


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