I am going to the Locarno Film Festival 2016!

resized_650x365_461023I have just booked my outward bound flight for the 69th edition of the Locarno Film Festival! I am so excited about next summer…I wish it was tomorrow!

I will also get to enjoy the wonderful sights of Milan, Lugano (where I am staying in Switzerland for the festival) and Zurich on my trip. I may also fit in day trips to Lake Como and perhaps Basel too!

I have sorted out my accommodation in all 3 locations. All I need to do now is sort out my rail travel from Milan up to Lugano and then on to Zurich. I will also be getting a Swiss Travel Card for when I am in Switzerland as they seem great value to travel around (and to get free entry into lots of museums).

I have always been drawn to the festival and that is due to the romantic nature of the Piazza Grande in Locarno and watching films funder a Swiss Alpine night sky…I guess I am a romantic at heart myself then. My dream would be to have a film I have directed, screen at the Festival – in the Piazza Grande in front of an audience of 8,000 people! Although, I will be satisfied with just watching a film for now…with some popcorn!

I aim to meet lots of filmmakers in Locarno and make some contacts for my own ambitions. I will need to have a script (or 3) on hand and have lots of ideas to grab the interest of potential backers and collaborators. The perfect motivation for me over the winter to get my head down and write!

Next August expect lots of blogs about the festival, films I see and my travel through central Europe…as well as photos!

Check out the festival here: http://www.pardolive.ch/pardo/festival-del-film-locarno/sponsors-and-partners/Top-Events-of-Switzerland/Festival-del-film-Locarno.html


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