The Curse of Steve Jobs…

It has been a busy few days at work so it has not been possible to get on here but I wanted to post something tonight after reading an article earlier.

I am a massive Apple fan and admire Steve Jobs and everyone at Apple for all the amazing stuff they do and create. So when I read the below I had to give my 2 cents about Steve Jobe (2015) being pulled from cinemas.

I can’t comment on the film until I see it, but by all accounts its a well made and it is expected to do well at the Awards (after all it was written by the amazing Aaron Sorkin, directed by Oscar winner Danny Boyle and Michael Fassbender is Steve Jobs). This is why I am surprised the film is doing so badly at the box office, However, I have a few ideas why…

Obviously, the main reason is that the film is up against SPECTRE (2015) and that is always going to be tough act to follow. The films audience is also likely to be in the 20s-40s and with the advent of Netflix and streaming video online we are less likely to go to the cinema as a generation.

Biographies and Biopics – being a niche subject in life and even more of a niche at the cinema – means many people won’t watch the film as they may feel it will be ‘boring’. Making Biopics are also hard as you have to find a part of someones life that is interesting enough and with some ‘creative license’ adapt it for an audience. See Churchill – The Hollywood Years (2004) for what NOT to do [sic].

Also, to the average person, many people do not understand or recognise Steve Jobs contribution to the world we live in. It’s only when you explain to someone that he ‘reminded’ (I won’t see invented) the concept of personal computing (e.g. a mouse, keyboard, monitor, a graphical UI etc) that someone realises how important he (and Apple) is…and that is before we get to the iMac, iPhone and iPad.

These are all valid reasons but there is one more reason that I believe has to be considered. I believe Steve Jobs (2015) has fallen to the curse of Steve Jobs. In life, Steve was divisive person – people liked him or they didn’t. Apple is the same – you are either an Apple “fan” or not. You have an iPhone or you don’t. I believe this divisiveness, has contributed to poor showing at the box office.

People are not lining up to watch the film is because they have heard all the stories about him and don’t think the film will be their cup of tea. They don’t care about his ‘story’, what he or Apple accomplished – as they don’t have iPhones? [sic] I like this reason as it seems poetic, the perfect metaphor for Steve’s life!

Steve courted controversy his whole life by being rebellious, a little cruel, passionate and being a perfectionist. People like this, are hard to like and to get on with. But as the Apple ‘Think Different’ advertising campaign illustrated those types of people  “change things”. It is also true that these types of people can alienate the people around them and those on the outside will either agree or disagree with them.

It could also be the way the film has been written, focusing on snapshots of Steve’s life over many years (Jobs (2013) tried to tell his story up to his from the formation of Apple to his return) perhaps, if the film was written around a ‘real time’ setting…a meeting with Steve and his design team, showing his brilliance with a touch of narcissism and dash cruelness? It would be more engaging and show the us ‘real’ Steve? That is how I would have done it.

Jobs (2013) did not do a good enough job maybe Steve Jobs (2015) has problems trying to get an the audience and perhaps we have to wait until Steve Jobs version 3.0 to get the film ‘everyone wants’ but I firmly believe Steve’s story has to be told as it is extraordinary.


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